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Mission Statement:

Face it, Hong Kong cinema has been disrespected on home video for decades.

Virtuoso masters of action cinema like John Woo, Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Tsui Hark and others poured their blood, sweat and tears into creating some of the greatest action films the world has ever seen.

Hong Kong film fans have been forced to suffer through mediocre (or worse) home video versions on VHS, laserdisc, DVD and Blu-ray.

Major studios felt no shame in re-editing the films, cropping the aspect ratio, changing the music and sound effects, eliminating the original language audio track and tacking on hard-to-read and inaccurate subtitles with spelling errors galore.

For many of the greatest films of all time, there simply existed no decent version on home video anywhere in the world.

Until now.

Hong Kong Rescue presents genuine HD versions of long-neglected classic Hong Kong films with no compromises.

We are an obsessive group and we strive to restore every detail of each film to it's original theatrical version.

Our Ultimate Edition Blu-rays include:

1. Only the highest quality high definition video transfer available anywhere, uncut and in the original aspect ratio. The transfers are often meticulously restored, with thousands of instances of dirt, dust, scratches removed manually.

2. We always include multiple audio tracks with every release, including the original language in uncompressed linear PCM at a superior quality than the lossy Dolby tracks tacked on to other releases. Secondary audio tracks include English dub(s), Mandarin, and remixed 5.1 or 7.1 DTS-HD tracks for those that want them.

3. Our subtitles have been completely rewritten by a colleague who is fluent in Cantonese. The experience of watching these films is transformed and the nuances of the dialog come through when the true meaning is properly conveyed to the viewer.

4. Our releases come with a Encyclopedic collection of special features, many of which are hand-crafted and exclusive to Hong Kong Rescue. Interviews with cast and crew, Making Of documentaries, behind the scenes footage, trailer galleries, and so much more.

5. Every detail of the cover art, disc art and menu design are hand-crafted with an obsessive touch. We model our releases after the Criterion Collection, in fact we use the same premium clear cases that they use.

So, are you ready to finally own the definitive versions of some of the greatest action and martial arts films ever made?

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#1: Hard Boiled

Disc 1:

The only genuine HD transfer in the world, sourced from Japan. Color corrected to match the original theatrical print. Image quality FAR exceeds releases by Dragon Dynasty and anyone else for that matter.

Audio Tracks:

1. Cantonese 2.0 Uncompressed LPCM

2. Cantonese 5.1 Surround Remix DTS-HD

3. English Dub 5.1 Dolby 

4. Mandarin Dub 5.1 Dolby

5. John Woo, Terence Chang Commentary

6. John Woo, Terence Chang, Roger Avery and Dave Kehr Commentary

7. Bey Logan Commentary

Disc 2 Special Features:

1. Taiwan Extended Version of Hard Boiled

This is a doozy of a special feature. This is the rare, extended Taiwan version of Hard Boiled, presented here complete and unedited. Longer than the theatrical version. It contains many minor differences throughout the film, including alternate takes in some scenes.

2. The Making of Hard Boiled

A documentary that was originally only available on the French HKVideo DVD. We commissioned new English subtitles since the original only had French subtitles

3. Interview with John Woo

4. Interview with Tony Leung

This feature was originally only available on the French HKVideo DVD. We commissioned new English subtitles.

5. Interview with Terence Chang

6. Interview with Philip Chan

7. Interview with Kwok Choi

8. Location Guide

On-site tour of the shooting locations for Hard Boiled

9. Alternative Opening Scene

10. John Woo's Student Film

Originally only available on the long OOP Criterion DVD

11. Trailer Gallery

Collection of all theatrical and home video trailers for Hard Boiled

12. Hong Kong Rescue Trailer


#2: Police Story

New 2-Disc Special Edition!

Brand NEW 2-Disc Edition for 2019!

4K Restoration and HKR Exclusive Restoration of the Japanese Extended Version

Audio Tracks:

Extended Japanese Version:

1. Cantonese 2.0 24bit LPCM (HKR Exclusive)

2. Cantonese 2.0 LPCM (Pony Canyon Laserdisc)

3. Podcast on Fire Commentary (HKR Exclusive)

Original Theatrical Version:

1. Cantonese Mono 24bit LPCM

2. Cantonese 5.1 DTS-HD

3. New English Dub 5.1 DTS-HD

4. Original English Dub 2.0 LPCM

5. Bey Logan Commentary

6. Bey Logan/Brett Ratner Commentary

Special Features:

1. Police Force

2. Image Gallery

3. The Restoration

4. Becoming Jackie

5. The Superhuman Everyman

6. Jackie Chan Interviews

7. From Police Story to Rush Hour

8. Alternate Versions

9. Stunts Unlimited

10. Music Video

11. Live Performance

12. Outtakes

13. Trailers and TV Spots

14. The Balcony Jump

15. Shooting Locations: Then and Now

16. "My Stunts" Documentary

17. Stunt Team Reunion

18. The Early Years

19. Hong Kong Cinema Archives

20. Tribute to Fung Hak On

21. Hong Kong Rescue



#3: Drunken Master 2

NEW 2019 Release!

One of Jackie Chan's most beloved films, notoriously butchered on home video.

Disc 1:

At long last the completely uncut Hong Kong version was scanned and restored for Hong Kong and Japanese markets at the end of last year.

This new restoration is miles better than the previous transfer that we worked with on our previous HKR version. The aspect ratio is wider, there is more detail throughout the frame, and the colors and dramatically improved.

Most significantly, the original opening titles and the ending blind boxing scene have been unaltered, so they are presented with the same pristine clarity as the rest of the film. 

In the previous version, HKR had to work quite hard to restore these scenes, using vastly inferior source material.

Also, new for the 2019 release: Bey Logan's excellent commentary!

This commentary is unavailable on any other home video release in the world.

Both the Hong Kong and Japanese cuts are presented on Disc 1.

Audio Tracks:

1. New Cantonese 2.0 LPCM

2. Original Cantonese 2.0 LPCM

3. Cantonese Surround Remix 5.1 Dolby

4. Mandarin 2.0 LPCM

5. Original English Dub 2.0 LPCM

6. Music and Sound Effects Only

7. Bey Logan Commentary

Disc 2 Special Features:

1. The Miramax Version

This is the US Theatrical release, re-titled "The Legend of Drunken Master".

2. Jackie Chan Interview

3. A Tribute to Jackie Chan

4. A Look Back at Drunken Master

5. Japanese TV Special

6. Drunken Style in Films

An exceptional short documentary about the portrayal of drunken style kung fu in martial arts films.

7. Lau Kar-Leung Tribute

8. Ti Lung Profile

9. Films of Fury Promo

10. Alternate "Drinking Scene" Comparison

Most people don't know this, but the Mandarin print of Drunken Master 2 is cut very differently during the scene where Jackie is drinking and singing. This compares both verions of this scene, pointing out their differences.

11. Lunar New Years Introduction

Jackie would film market-specific introductions for his films when they debuted in Asian markets. 

12. Sally Yeh TV Special

13. Make a Difference

Highlighting Jackie's philanthropic work.

14. My Path to Success

15. Audio Mix Comparison

This short documentary compares the difference in the audio mixes of the original Cantonese and the US English dub. The rhythm of the fight scenes are different between the two.

16. Promotional Archive

An AMAZING collection of all the interviews Jackie did to promote this film, both in 1994 and 1995 when it was released in Hong Kong AND in 2000 when it was released in the United States. Interviews with Jay Leno, Conan O'Brian and many more are contained here.

17. Image Gallery

A spectacular animated slideshow with some video that shows very rare behind-the-scenes shots and so much more.

18. Opening Titles Restoration

A demonstration of Hong Kong Rescue's restoration of the original opening titles.

19. "Blind Boxing" Scene Restoration

A demonstration of Hong Kong Rescue's restoration of the ending "blind boxing" scene.

20. Music Videos

Music videos for Jackie's songs from the soundtrack.

21. Trailer Gallery

22. Video Game Promo

23. Hong Kong Rescue Trailer


#4: Police Story 3: Supercop

NEW 2020 Release! 

Massive Improvements and Additions From The First Edition!

Disc 1:

Our new 2020 rerelease of Jackie's classic Supercop is an improvement in every respect over our original version.

We are now using the new Ritrovata 4K restoration of the Hong Kong Version as our base, but we dramatically improve the colors with a special color grading technique. The yellow and green tint and elevated blacks are gone. The film has probably not looked better since it's original theatrical run.

The Miramax cut was recontructed using this same source, given it's superiority over the available sources of the US version.

Audio tracks:

Hong Kong Version:

1. Cantonese Hybrid 2.0 LPCM (HKR Exclusive)

2. Original Cantonese 2.0 LPCM (Toya LD)

3. Cantonese 5.1 DTS-HD (Kam & Ronson BD)

4. Mandarin 5.1 DTS-HD (Kam & Ronson BD)

5. Original English Dub 2.0 LPCM (PAL VHS)

Miramax Version:

1. New English Dub 2.0 LPCM (Criterion LD)

2. New English Dub 5.1 DTS-HD (Echo Bridge BD)

3. Cantonese Hybrid 2.0 LPCM (HKR Exclusive)

4. Bey Logan Commentary

Disc 2 Special Features:

1. Image Gallery

2. The Color Grading

3. Jackie Chan Interview

4. Michelle Yeoh Interview

5. Stanley Tong Interviews

6. Ken Lo Interview

7. The Helicopter Stunt

8. Behind The Scenes

9. "Ouch"-Takes

10. Chan & Yeoh

11. Jackie Chan Tribute

12. Michelle Yeoh Tribute

13. Yuen Wah Tribute

14. Cantonese Music Videos

15. English Music Video

16. Jackie's Secret House

17. Dangers of HK Filmmaking

18. When Jackie Met Michelle

19. Promotional Archive

20. Trailer Gallery

21. Hong Kong Rescue


All subtitles have been improved for readability. Font and placement have been improved and the times that they flash on screen and off have been refined.

The songs played over the ending credits have been translated as well. The Cantonese version plays "I Have My Path". The Mandarin version plays "The Riddle".

You don't want to miss this one. It's been polished as close to perfection as I'm capable.


#5: Drunken Master

Disc 1:

Our release uses the spectacular 2013 restoration of Drunken Master and it looks incredible.

We take great pride in the English subtitles in particular on this release. Kung Fu films of this era tend to have VERY inaccurate subtitles, but ours have been translated accurately line-by-line.

Audio Tracks:

1. Original Cantonese 2.0 LPCM

2. Modified Cantonese 2.0 LPCM

3. Cantnese Surround Remix 5.1 Dolby

4. New US English Dub 2.0 Dolby

5. Original Rank English Dub 2.0 Dolby

6. Mandarin Dub 2.0 Dolby

7. Japanese Dub 2.0 Dolby

8. Rick Meyers and Jeff Yang Commentary

Disc 2 Special Features:

1. Interview with Jackie Chan

New English subtitles were commissioned for this feature.

2. Interview with Producer Ng See Yuen

3. A Conversation with Yuen Woo-Ping

4. Tour of the Jackie Chan Film Gallery

Jackie tours a museum dedicated to him and his films. New English subtitles were commissioned for this feature.

5. 36 Crazy Fists - Behind the Scenes

6. "Dragon Power" Scene

7. Hwang Jang Lee in Action

8. Deleted Scene

9. Drunken Master Trailers

10. Image Gallery

11. Japanese Blu-ray Promos

12. Twins Parody

13. Hong Kong Rescue Trailer 


#6: Project A

The Restoration:

This is the first title from Hong Kong Rescue where we perform our own meticulous frame-by-frame restoration. Using the professional restoration software Phoenix and PFClean, thousands of instances of dirt, dust, scratches and broken frames were removed or fixed.

Disc 1:

Three versions of Project A are included sourced from two separate sources.

The Hong Kong Version is nearly identical to the Japanese version but it includes slightly different opening titles and different outtakes. Uses the US Echo Bridge transfer.

The US Version is the shortest of the three, heavily cut in different areas. Uses the US Echo Bridge transfer.

The Japanese version is the longest owing to the extended ending outtakes. Not only that, but this uses a different Japanese source for the transfer. This is the transfer that we meticulously restored so should be considered the definitive version.

Audio tracks:

Hong Kong Version and Japanese Version:

1. Original Cantonese 2.0 LPCM

2. Cantonese Surround Remix 5.1 DTS-HD

3. Mandarin Surround Remix 5.1 Dolby

4. English Dub 2.0 Dolby

5. Bey Logan Commentary

US Version:

 1. New English Dub 5.1 DTS-HD

Disc 2 Special Features:

1. A Classic Revisited

A lengthy documentary about the making of Project A hosted by Bey Logan

2. Jackie Chan Interview

3. Yuen Biao Interview

4. Composer Michael Lai Interview

5. Dick Wei Interview

6. Lee Hoi-San Interview

7. "Stunt God" Mars Interview

8. TV Special

9. Deleted Scenes

10. Behind the Scenes

11. How to Do Action Comedy

12. Sammo Hung Interview

13. Charitable Chan

14. Jackie Chan on Japanese TV

15. Lunar New Years Introduction

16. Image Gallery

17. Outtakes

18. Trailers

19. TV Spots

20. The Restoration

21. Hong Kong Rescue Trailer  


#7: Wheels on Meals

The Restoration:

The exclusive Hong Kong Rescue restoration of Wheels on Meals took longer than any previous restoration we've attempted. The only genuine HD transfer for this film in the world is a Japanese print that has great detail and color, but it had a problem with dirt, dust and scratches all over the place.

So we spend every day for about 10 months meticulously removing each and every imperfection. The video below gives a good demonstration of what we accomplished with the effort. The difference is stunning, even more so when you see it in person.

Disc 1:

Audio Tracks:

1. Original Cantonese 2.0 LPCM

2. Classic English Dub 2.0 LPCM

3. Hybrid Cantonese 2.0 LPCM

This one requires an explanation. The music from the original English dub is iconic and many prefer it to the music in the original Cantonese version.

So we combined the Music from the English dub with the dialog from the original Cantonese. This is an exclusive to HKR and many fans will consider it the best of both worlds.

4. Cantone Surround Remix 7.1 DTS-HD

5. Classic English Dub Surround Remix 5.1 Dolby

6. New English Dub 5.1 Dolby

7. Bey Logan Commentary

8. "Podcast on Fire" Commentary

Disc 2 Special Features:

1. Fan Collection Ep. 1 - JC Poster Tour

2. Image Gallery

3. The Restoration

4. Final Fight with No Music

5. Sammo Hung Interview

6. Yuen Biao Interview

7. Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao Interviews

8. Benny Urquidez Interview

9. Keith Vitali Interview

10. Stanley Tong Interview

11. Brett Ratner Interview

12. A Tribute to Jackie Chan

13. Jackie Reflects on his Career

14. Crossings: Jackie Chan

15. Jackie vs. Benny Fan Homage

16. The Amazing Sammo Hung

17. Jackie, Sammo & Yuen Biao on Hong Kong TV

18. Charitable Chan

19. Wheels in Action

20. Jackie Sings in Japanese

21. "The Protector" Promo

22. Hong Kong Version Titles & Credits

23. Promotional Archive

24. Music Videos

25. Outtakes

26. Trailer Gallery

27. TV Spots

28. Hong Kong Rescue Trailer

As you can see, this title is packed with material. All these special features are of remarkably high quality and value.


Restoration Demonstration Video:


#8: Armour of God

New Release!

Brand new November 2018 release!

Restoration and Color Correction:

We used two sources to restore the original theatrical version. We used two genuine HD sources, one uncut and the other heavily edited. After careful inspection we concluded that the edited version had superior colors and detail, but it was also dirtier. The uncut version looked okay, but the colors were washed out and the color grade was too blue.

So we removed the dirt from the edited source using Digital Vision Phoenix and spliced in the missing scenes from the uncut version. Then we had to carefully match the color grade to make the two sources look as seamless as possible. The results are very impressive.

Finally, the original opening titles had to be restored by combining the two sources. Similar to what we did with Drunken Master 2, but with even better results. This single thing took several weeks and many hours to end up looking seamless.

The result is the best looking version of Armour of God that is available.

Uncut Hong Kong Version Audio Tracks:

1. Original Cantonese 2.0 LPCM (HK Star Laserdisc)

2. Original English Dub 2.0 LPCM (Pony Canyon Laserdisc)

3. New English Dub 5.1 Dolby (Hong Kong Legends DVD)

4. Cantonese Surround Remix 7.1 (Kam & Ronson BD)

5. Mandarin 2.0 LPCM (Deltamac DVD)

6. "Podcast on Fire" Commentary

Miramax Version Audio Tracks:

1. Miramax English Dub 2.0 DTS-HD (Miramax BD)

2. Original English Dub 2.0 LPCM (Pony Canyon Laserdisc)

3. Original Cantonese 2.0 LPCM (HK Star Laserdisc)

4. New English Dub 5.1 Dolby (Hong Kong Legends DVD)

5. Cantonese Surround Remix 7.1 DTS-HD (Kam & Ronson BD)

6. Mandarin 2.0 LPCM (Deltamac DVD)

Ending Credits Song and Lyrics Subtitles

As we've previously done, we got proper English subtitles created for three songs that play during the film. Those songs are: "Friend of Mine", "Lorelei" and "High Upon High"

Additionally, you can choose whether you prefer to have "Lorelei" or "High Upon High" play during the ending credits/outtakes. The reason for this is that some versions of Armour of God had one song or the other playing over the credits depending on the country it was released in.

This is the only version of Armour of God that provides both versions, for both the original English dub and the original Cantonese audio.

Disc 2 Special Features

1. Image Gallery (HKR Exclusive)

2. Restoration & Color Correction

3. Under the Armour (HKR Exclusive)

4. Jackie Chan Interview

5. Willie Chan Interview

6. Outtakes

7. Trailer Gallery

8. Promotional Archive

9. That Same Question

10. Fan Tributes

11. Traces of a Dragon

12. Jackie's Oscar

13. Officially Amazing

14. This is Jackie Chan

15. There is Only One

16. Comedy Special

17. HK Cinema 101

18. Charitable Chan

19. "Sing Lung" Sings

20. Working with Jackie

21. Hong Kong Rescue

Too much great stuff to mention individually, but as always Darren's exclusive material is incredible. Two 50gb discs have been filled to capacity. The entire project has been tweaked and polished to perfection, or as close as I can possibly come.

You'll love it.


#9: Peking Opera Blues

NEW 2020 Release!

New for 2020, we're happy to present one of the best films in Hong Kong cinema history that has been sorely neglected and disrespected on home video up until now.

We've done everything in our power to rectify this injustice by restoring the video, syncing up the best sounding audio tracks and perfectly timing up brand new English subtitles from an accurate translation for a flawless presentation.

Restoration and Color Correction:

Dirt, dust, scratches and broken frames were removed from the transfer and we applied some color correction to produce a more vibrant picture.

Every DVD and Blu-ray release of this title was missing the opening and closing text that puts the film's narrative in historical context.

Using a laserdisc reference, we fully restored this on-screen text to it's original condition.

The result is that Hong Kong Rescue's definitive edition provides the first way to see this film completely uncut in nearly thirty years.

Audio tracks:

1. Original Cantonese 2.0 LPCM (Golden Cinema City Laserdisc)

2. Original English Dub 2.0 LPCM (Joy Sales HK DVD)

3. Cantonese Remix 7.1 DTS-HD (CMS Media BD)

4. Mandarin Remix 5.1 DTS-HD (CMS Media BD)

5. Asian Cinema Film Club Podcast Commentary

Disc 2 Special Features:

1. A Fan's Collection Ep. 2

2. Image Gallery

3. The Restoration

4. Tsui Hark Interviews

5. Sally Yeh Interview

6. James Wong Interview

7. Mash Up Video

8. What Is Peking Opera?

9. Yin + Yang - Gender In Chinese Cinema

10. Portrait of Lin Ching Hsia

11. Son of the Incredibly Strange Film Show

12. Music Videos

13. Sally Yeh Karaoke

14. Wu Ma In Memoriam

15. Chinese Cinema Promo

16. Theatrical Trailer

17. Hong Kong Rescue

Song Lyrics Subtitles

There are two songs that play during the film, both sung by Sally Yeh. The first, "Just Another Drama Play" plays during the opening of the film and during the credits. The second, "I Can't Escape", plays during a brief scene at around the 1 hour mark.

Both have been subtitled in English for the first time.

This film is an undisputed classic of Hong Kong cinema and our release is best way to watch it.

Add it to your collection today! You won't be disappointed.


The value provided by these releases is simply staggering and the presentation of every aspect from the artwork to the menu design, to the video editing, restoration, and audio editing is crafted to a very high standard. Hell, we even obsess over the font, placement and size of the subtitles.

This is work that can only be done by genuine fans of Asian cinema.

Finally you can tell the greedy Hollywood studios who only ever sought to exploit Jackie Chan and John Woo's catalog for a quick buck to take a hike.

It's time for these classics to be treated with the respect they so justly deserve.

We're doing our part. Will you help us by adding the definitive versions of the films to your collection?

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